Video and Animation show by: VPSA73 and VPSB89
November 2nd to November 15th, 2011
Opening Reception: November 8th, 5pm-7pm. Free Food and Refreshments!
Opening Reception November 8th, 5pm-7pm
FRAMESinMOTION is a collaborative exhibition between two classes that work with different approaches to video medium. Video art began as a way of integrating movement of images with sound component. This medium became prominent in the ’60s and ’70s due to the portability and availability of recording technology. Within the ’80s and ’90s there was an evolution of technology that lead to video editing and need for controlling the video frames. This control became an agent in presenting video based art in terms of animation and video manipulation. FRAMESinMOTION presents video medium in terms of creating and/or manipulating existing video frames that are placed in motion to represent artistic concept or the need for creating a new reality.
VPSA73H3 F11: Introduction to Video
Instructor: Geoffery Pugen
Introduction to Video Art begins with the basic principles of video shooting and editing as well as an investigation into different conceptual strategies of video art. There is also an introduction to the history of video art.
STUDENTS: Michelle Dominique-Moreno Rosalie H. Maheux Macie Wan Coco Meng Yvonne Chen Xuanrui Bao Dianne Khaye Ruaya Sandra Ngan Rinky Barua Philippe Bicos Carolyn Roberts Nayeon Kim
VPSB89H3 F11: Introduction to Animation Techniques
Instructor: Evan Tapper
Introduction to Animation Techniques introduces students to animated film and video making. Students will explore handmade and digital animation techniques (zoetropes, flip-books, scratched film, claymation, rotoscoping and other forms of digital animation). Readings, screenings and assignments practically and theoretically familiarize students with the animated image from its early beginnings.
STUDENTS: Natalie Duncan Matt Panday Nazia Habiba Raquel Ferreira-Rodrigues Celina Respall Tang Yuhan Alan Peng Eria (Xiaoteng) Niu Victor Wong Poster Design by Tara Mazurk

“Feed Me Live Art”
October 18th, 2011 – October 25th, 2011

Curated by Iqrar Rizvi
***Performances are subject to changes without notice

Curatorial Statement:

This exhibition presents a wide range of Live Art. Live Art is concerned with creating time based and ephemeral performances within artistic context. These very conceptual actions live in the moment and are considered to be very real that differentiates from the theatrical. Feed Me Live Art will take place in Gallery 1265, a student run art gallery for displaying student work. The gallery is open to all visitors and can be a service to many rising student artists on their journey to art making as a practice. The performances will take place inside the gallery space as well as the meeting place. The selected group of student artists will present performances that include task-oriented, site specificity, endurance, playful in nature, meditative and body cleansing. Each performance will encourage the spectator to make an interpretation regarding the process of making something temporal and unique in relation to their mindset.

Artist Statements and Schedule:
Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
Performers: Michelle Dominique-Moreno, Anna Wilson and Iqrar Rizvi
The objective is to follow instructions played in background regarding the direction of movement one will have to take. In the process the participants will try their best to follow the rules without clashing into one another. We are in a race to get our diploma, we are constantly directed to do certain things, we are constantly given advice from our teachers, our peers, our councillors and sometimes it sways our focus. There comes a time when you have to Fuck off and find your own way. You become your own person; they can only take you up to a certain point, the rest is up to you.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
Occupy Gallery 1265
12:00-2:00 PM
Performer: Jakub
Thursday, October 20th, 2011
This is not your gallery, this is my gallery
12:00-2:00 PM
Performers: Michelle Dominique-Moreno & Iqrar Rizvi
Who does the gallery actually belong to, the public, the artists or the gallery members? We want to present this tension with ownership through tasks of cleansing the gallery by painting the walls, brushing the floors and mopping up. This type of ritual will in turn cleanse us physically and spiritually. The actions will be done in semi-nude positions as this process of revealing the body will reveal oneself. During this process we will be chanting “This is not your gallery, this is my gallery” as this will either increase the tension between the performers or find a resolution.
Thursday, October 20th, 2011
It`s self evident because I made it that way
2:30-3:30 PM
Performer: Iqrar Rizvi
The task is to create something self-evident through sculpture as a medium. The sculpture itself must be conceptually driven to the point where it must become self-evident. I am using performance as a means of creating that self-evident sculpture. My response to the question: what makes it self-evident is simply ‘it’s self evident because I made it that way ‘. I have built it to be self-evident.
Monday, October 24th, 2011
Blow Machine
12:00-2:00 PM
Performer: Natalie Duncan
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
12:00-2:00 PM
Performers: Coco Meng and Macie Wan
The human body is an artistic medium itself, not only of its function but also its visual as a representation of its psychological consciousness. For me, a person’s identity is defined by the construction of his/her consciousness and sub-consciousness. Our consciousness will construct an ideal image for us to follow while our sub-consciousness destroys it. Our consciousness will always try to fix mistakes while our sub-consciousness will always generate mistakes. Therefore a person’s identity is constructed from the battle between his/her consciousness and sub-consciousness. Our backs are sewed together, warm and attached it gives us the sense of security and ignorance. But until now, I have realized something very horrible all along. On those people’s backs, whether or not they had one; there were no strings, no sewing lines, no you attached. Who are you?! Suddenly, all of my comfort and sense of security turned into fear and horror. Then I remember those stares again, and the one who had those frighten eyes. Through them there was anxiety and alert. Those eyes have been saying one sentence all along You will get killed!

Something From Nothing – Introduction to Performance Art (VPSB77H3 Class Exhibit)
February 28th, 2011 – March 3rd, 2011

Performance Schedule:

Monday, February 28
Iqrar Rizvi
Jennifer Pang
Coco Meng

Tuesday, March 1
Tharmila Rajasingam
Nikki Gelmanovski
Amanda Che
Kelsey Jaynes

Wednesday, March 2
Anna Laurene Wilson
Michelle & Sangina

Thursday, March 3
Alan Peng & Anna Lee
Amelia Ramraj



Something Different Always Appears
Solo Show ft. Tharmila Rajasingam
February 7th – 17th 2011
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 9th, 5-7PM
Artist Talk with Tharmila Rajasingam, Alexander Irving, and Latoya Brown: Wednesday, February 16th, 5-6PM

About the Show
“The idea of preserving memory is significant to the way we remember people, place and things. We often rely on our mind to recall memories as we age. This show explores memory building through cognitive psychology, the process in which studies the way of people think, perceive, remember and learn.

I have been collecting and documenting blind contour drawings of people in my life. I have been observing the physical appearance of four important people in my life through repetitive and organizational procedures. Although the results may appear different, the building of memories through the blind contour drawing process will force the mind to remember.

The blind contour drawings are the end results of my meetings with these people. Thus, the drawings are evidence of my practice and my commitment to this regular routine.” – Tharmila Rajasingam
Click here to view the Press Release (PDF)

About the Artist
Tharmila Rajasingam is a 4th year student at University of Toronto Scarborough. She is enrolled in the Arts Management Specialist program with a Major in Studio and a Minor in Art History. Her work is simultaneously physical and situated in space and profoundly expressive, creating meaning in objects beyond their appearance. She has participated in numerous projects and exhibitions across the University of Toronto, such as the Annual ARTSIDEOUT, the Annual Student Juried Show and Annual Chancellor’s Student Art Exhibition.

She has also been exhibited outside of the university in various venues such as Labspace Studio, AWOL Gallery, The {decommissioned} Shaw Street School, and The Paper Place. Tharmila is a recipient of the Award for Student Engagement in the Arts in recognition of outstanding contribution to the arts community while a student at the University of Toronto.

Photo by Pam Lau Photo by Pam Lau Photo by Pam Lau Photo by Pam Lau Photo by Pam Lau Photo by Pam Lau

What is Your Positive Space
In partnership with SC:OUT
January 31st – February 3rd 2011

What is your positive space is an exhibition featuring artworks by UTSC students, staff, faculty and members of the greater community. This exhibit showcases the works of artists as they define what “positive space” means, whether personally or in a greater context. Following the success of the 2nd annual Rainbow Tie Gala at the DMG, this post-gala exhibition allows a more in-depth look at some of these works and promotes the importance of an open community.

The University’s Positive Space Campaign is a groundbreaking program that identifies safer and more inclusive spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersexed, queer, questioning and Two-Spirited (LGBTTIQQ2S) students, staff, faculty, alumni and allies at the University of Toronto.

Out of the Crate
Solo Show ft. Diana Hosseini
January 11th – 20th 2011
Opening Reception: January 11th, 5-7PM